Sell and buy safely

How to buy safely


We recommend that you meet with a seller in person to check the product quality and transfer money from hand to hand. This is the most secure type of deal.


A few more important tips:

  • Do not pay in advance;
  • Do not trust the sellers if they offer too good deals. Fraudsters often set low prices to catch attention;
  • If you are offered to purchase using Lalafo delivery, this is 100% fraud. Lalafo delivery does not exist!
  • Do not enter your card details on the websites, links to which were sent you by some strangers;
  • Chat about the goods in private messages on Lalafo;
  • Check the items carefully when you meet. Note that after you paid for an item and accepted it, it is harder to prove it was defective before you bought it. It is better to check everything on the spot.
  • If you are looking for an apartment or house, never pay in advance without seeing the property. Fraudsters may say they will book a viewing appointment after prepayment.
  • If you are looking for a job, remember that no fair employer will ask you to prepay for anything.

In case you have doubts about the seller's fairness or the seller presses for prepayment within short timeframes, you should not make a deal.

We wish you only profitable and pleasant deals!

How to sell safely

You must especially beware of buyers who don’t show an interest in the product and are ready to buy it very quickly, without bargaining or asking some additional questions.


A few more important tips:

  • Remember that Lalafo delivery does not exist. If a buyer sends you a link telling they have paid for the product and now you can get your money by following the link - this is 100% fraud;
  • To receive money on your card, providing ONLY a 16-digit card number is always enough. Keep the expiry date and CVV code of your card confidential. Even bank officers have no right to ask about that;
  • Meet with a buyer in person to get money from hand to hand;
  • Do not follow the links sent from strangers, those may be fake sites that aim to steal your data;
  • If you decide to receive a prepayment on your card, always check the balance in your personal bank account. Do not hurry to send the goods just relying on SMS telling about the transfer of funds.